Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Anyone who angers you conquers you

The world is not evil.

There are evil people. Evil acts. Evil thoughts. But the World is NOT evil.

For one to live in paranoia of something that may happen, is to waste ones life. To shut out people, and live suspiciously is to only breed more distrust, hence more evil.

When violence happens many people get the perspective that 'the world is an evil place', or 'what is this world coming to' and 'I hope I live thru today'. These are all phrases of one who feels they have no control of anything. This isn't true.

We have control of many things. One of the most important things we have control over is our attitude.

Attitude is a choice. This was pointed out to me one day in February 2006, a few minutes before 8 am, I had a dear friend scold me about the lousy, rotten, stinking attitude I had been displaying. "Don't you waste it. Don't you dare waste it. Don't waste your time in in this pity-party attitude. Don't you do that to me."

For any of us to come face to face with tragedy, death or just a really rough day. We have to keep in mind that every moment of our lives is a learning moment worth experiencing.

Part of people's problems is that they hand control of their emotions to others. For example, the phrase, "That asshole really pisses me off" is simply handing yourself over to the other person.

'Anyone who angers you conquers you' is a quote you may want to post. This phrase is so true. To go through your day becoming angry as others so quickly over irrelevant matters is to add evil to the world. Anger is an emotion that stems from ego. And it does no one any good.

I am not saying no one should ever get angry. Anger, in the right context is useful. It can motivate. It can drive ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

But it is also negative when the only emotion one lives in is anger. If your anger is out of control, your ego has a problem and everyone else is pulling your puppet strings.

Take a moment to consider how you react to things. Believe me, the world doesn't revolve around you, so don't take things so personal. If you find yourself angered, step back and ask why? If the answer is 'because that guy is an asshole.' then you may consider your own reaction.... maybe they're thinking the same thing.

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