Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility - we each feel it at some level. It is my personal responsibility to educate and empower as many ladies in the skills of personal defense as possible. Hitching my mission to National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, by offering opportunities to learn personal defense for FREE! is the perfect setting.

Each year, for the last three years, I have tried various methods to entice people to take me up on the free programs. This year has been the best participations since starting the offer. I was able to reach a wide variety of people, from teens to every age of adult imaginable. With my own training becoming more informative and proficient it only helps me truly prepare students better.

Preparing for violence is challenging, mostly because it is difficult to find accurate information. Much of what is available is simply handed down from teacher to student, without any authentication. It fun, fanciful moves that look good in any movie. But the realty is that violence is NOT like the movies, NOT like the last sparring match you had, NOT like any MMA match. But that is the vision many people have of what violence is and how it happens.

It is my mission, my duty to pass on the education. To give my students the best possible ammunition to defend, along with all the pertinent details. I look forward to each and every class, and I especially look forward to honing my presentation.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Just give it up... Speculation

Probably won't. Probably not. I Doubt It... these are words of speculation. Speculation is a pet peeve of mine. It has become such an innate, subtle way of rational that I don't think people even realize that speculation is a negative habit. Speculation could be a form of educated guessing or theory based on pattern. But if it is not an educated guess or pattern-based theory, then it is just a blase comment that only perpetuates negativity thru submission to defeat without even trying.

Any time one says "It probably won't happen"... or any of the opening statements. It is a defeatist attitude, which is automatically negative. Let's think of this... if your kids or colleagues constantly hear ...probably won't... probably not.... I doubt it.... what do you think is constantly embedded about your attitude and perspective. It is draining. I avoid conversation with those who use these words consistently.

So take a moment to monitor your words and responses to things. If "probably won't" "probably not" "doubt it" are a regular part of your vocabulary, then change that negative habit. It will take a conscious effort to change the word habit.

There is enough negativity in the world, don't contribute. For your kids, it will help them learn to keep a more positive attitude to see and hear you maintaining a positive outlook thru vocabulary.