Friday, April 08, 2011

Just give it up... Speculation

Probably won't. Probably not. I Doubt It... these are words of speculation. Speculation is a pet peeve of mine. It has become such an innate, subtle way of rational that I don't think people even realize that speculation is a negative habit. Speculation could be a form of educated guessing or theory based on pattern. But if it is not an educated guess or pattern-based theory, then it is just a blase comment that only perpetuates negativity thru submission to defeat without even trying.

Any time one says "It probably won't happen"... or any of the opening statements. It is a defeatist attitude, which is automatically negative. Let's think of this... if your kids or colleagues constantly hear ...probably won't... probably not.... I doubt it.... what do you think is constantly embedded about your attitude and perspective. It is draining. I avoid conversation with those who use these words consistently.

So take a moment to monitor your words and responses to things. If "probably won't" "probably not" "doubt it" are a regular part of your vocabulary, then change that negative habit. It will take a conscious effort to change the word habit.

There is enough negativity in the world, don't contribute. For your kids, it will help them learn to keep a more positive attitude to see and hear you maintaining a positive outlook thru vocabulary.

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