Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year. Welcome 2012.

I for one, enjoy this holiday most of all. Not one to go out, have only been 'out' to celebrate a couple of times, I'd rather stay home. Sometimes I stay up, most of the time I turn in later than usual, but well before midnight.
The reason I like this day, is because it is a time of reflection and of possibilities. We are who we become by way of all beings we come in contact with. Those that cross our path influence us beyond comprehension. And just like any web, those influences and meetings will open doors to other opportunities.
I just returned from a quick trip down to Las Vegas to catch up with friends, training buddies, & teachers that I met through my training at Modern Warrior. A school clear across the country that came into my life precisely when I needed to learn in depth about self defense. To me, the chances of meeting these people in my lifetime, to help me become a better more informed instructor just blows my mind. Talk about grateful.
Traveling is always a time for reminiscing and planning. I enjoy the long drives I take to train or to visit with dear friends. This recent drive brought reminiscing of 2011. Training with Rory enough times to really begin to see the various dimensions of violence. Traveling to Milwaukee to attend a baptism of a very special baby, and seeing dear friends. A year of intense leading and coaching young women in my favorite sport and infusing my principles every step of the way. Taking a stand when against all wishes. No negotiations.
2011 brought the loss of my grandmother, just shy of 95. Can you imagine living 95 years, and witnessing the changes of the world and society she saw? It makes me wonder about the changes we will be witness to? I know she knew I taught. But I don't think she really grasped the topic and importance of what I did.
2011 was a tough one for the community I live in. Good people have passed away. One so tragically it is still incomprehensible. It will be forever a sadness for many, many of us. It also gave  a wake up call to each of us to cherish the moments we have with those we love. Life changes on a dime. This too, for those who have had to endure the murder of loved ones this past year in this county. More murders than ever before.
What does 2012 hold for each of us? Life is what we make it, and no matter the challenges, I am looking forward to facing them. I am looking forward to see how the whole 12/12 thing is propagandized to feed the populaces' fears of the 'end of the world'. Again. It should be even better that the Y2K frenzy.
2012 will bring one more thing checked off my bucket list. To be a speaker at a graduation has been a secret want of mine for some time. This is the year. Very exciting. Who knows what else is in store. Setting goals to educate more women in personal defense, and improving my teaching is always on the top of the to do lists every year. This year I plan on bringing Rory in to do a seminar and critique my own program. This will be scary exciting!
I know that the year will be exciting, enticing, thrilling and draining for each of us at some point of time, one way or another. That is what life is. Climb in. Buckle up and Hang on.

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