Sunday, October 07, 2012

How much time is your safety worth?

Concealed carry weapons class in Nevada takes about 10 hours. 
Hunter’s safety class is 6 to 8 hours. 
For Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, 17.5 hours
Law enforcement have to have 480 hours of training at the academy.

Safety, the practice and implementation of it, is an issue to be taken seriously. It takes time to cover, comprehend and understand the material, it is truly a myriad if vital information.

Yet, when it comes to personal defense people want to learn it all in just 2 hours. “Two hours to the ultimate self defense move!” 

There is no ultimate move. 
No “just” and no “always” solutions. 
As in ‘just’ knee them in the groin and they’ll ‘always’ double over in pain.

Critical elements of self defense cannot be covered in a 2 hour time frame. Just as other  ‘safety’ courses take a day or longer, so would a quality personal defense education course. 

The dimensions of personal safety is vast. A woman’s perspective is different than a man’s, and none of it has cookie-cutter solutions. What may have worked for one incident probably won’t work for the next. When it comes to violence, denial is not the best option, yet it is the one that most often applied. 

Anyone who teaches ‘self’ defense, needs to understand how important accurate and factual information. An instructor who is aware of the depth involved with defending, will illuminate students about all the profound aspects of defending. This cannot be done in two hours. 

So, when it comes to time frame, preparing to defend yourself involves much more than physical moves. Just like the requirements to carry a concealed weapon involves more than just putting bullets in the gun and pulling the trigger.

It is an important educational process, because of the choices made have deadly force possibilities. 

What is your goal? Is it to  practice a couple of times a week and, learn cool stuff and become confident and adroit in physical skills? Indeed, these are productive qualities to strive for, being physically fit is an advantage.

If you goal is to understand the emotional, ethical, and legal implications of having to use physical force in defense of your life, all while you are in pain, shock and terrified, then there is much more to your education than block, punch, and kick. 

How much time, is your safety worth?

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