Saturday, April 30, 2016

Little Ol' Me

Recently I had the opportunity to train with some really great instructors. A variety of people with an array of backgrounds. And once I started really thinking about the gentlemen that I had trained with, a bit of fear descended... these guys, were and are very, very scary.

What they've witnessed and have been a part of is truly terrifying to think of. Thus, what they teach about is all from first hand experience, rather than information passed down, around and through various teachers about 'how' to defend or what to expect.

Lately, my thought process has been obsessed with "Why am I doing all this Self Defense stuff for anyway?" Not in a self-doubt way, but more in a 'what-is-the-point' way. Then I get to thinking about my journey, and all the information and skills I have had the opportunity to gain throughout the years.  WHY?

I had a conversation with a guy the other day. The exchange started as some do as he asks..."You do marital arts?" My normal response, "I use to." And as usual, the conversation evolved from his asking what style and when did you start.. then... ya' know, I did a semester of something once, too?

Eventually the point came up about why I left the traditional, patriarchal, martial arts to learn about self defense; what it is and what it isn't. As I made a statement about understanding that having to defend means that you have to be able to explain why you had to make that decision. When the threat is no longer a threat, it is no longer self defense.

Obviously the conversation was more detailed, yet quick. From the expression of his face, never before thought of concepts of defending, as is with many, suddenly emerged. Stuff they never could have, or would have considered before.

It is interesting when these kinds of conversations come up with the people from Northeastern Nevada. The sparsely populated area doesn't offer the population density that contributes to the kind of violence training I partake in. Hence, they cannot really realize the in-depth ruthlessness of the people I know and train with. Even when I have the opportunity to explain it, it is difficult to fathom.

Many times I cannot fathom the quality of people I have trained with, either.
Little ol' no one from no where... [smirk]

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