Sunday, January 23, 2011

Commitment and Action

I was watching Phil's lecture video on commitment and action and part of the lecture talked about the paths we take in our lives. As we journey though our lives, the easiest path to take is the one that others have forged and laid out for us. But that may not necessarily be the path we want to take.
A few things crossed my mind upon hearing this; arranged marriages, being forced into or away from a gender-specific occupations, attending a specific college because everyone else in the family had... so many things in our lives are pre-forged for us.

It is scary to wander off the beaten path to find a different way. Our own way.

I consider my life to be a journey, as many do. When I reflect upon this journey of mine, it has been remarkable. At least to me. I had never thought of some of the things I've done, participated in, or accomplished in a 'commitment' sense. But in retrospect, the commitments I made throughout my life has been chunks of commitments and actions to have brought me to where I am. I thought I was just having fun and doing what I enjoyed. I never considered my years of martial arts training as a commitment, but it most certainly was.

Being committed to something is easy when it is something we enjoy. The test of the character comes when we commit to something we may not have an exceedingly amount of passion for. Jogging for instance. Or just any consistent time focused upon a specific activity that is necessary, but may not be enjoyable. Like paying bills, laundry, cleaning, working out, etc.

Resolutions have a commitment factor. To make a resolution to do something is one thing, putting that resolution into action is another. Commitment without action is just empty words. We hear lots of those.

What actions have been taken towards 'commitments' you've expressed. I for one, have spent more time on the treadmill. I have also added to this blog every week since the 1st. It can be tough figuring out what to write about. It's constantly a thought at the back of my mind, 'what am I going to post this week?' And then finding the time to sit down and gather thoughts in a coherent manner to do it. Then I think, 'Well, who gives a shit, no one reads this any way. Missing one week won't be a big deal.' Which it really wouldn't make a difference to anyone, except me. So here I am putting the action in to my commitment.
Squeezing it in between other actions.

And most of the time I think that I am not doing enough. hmmmm


Unknown said...

I know how it feels to look at your blog and not a single comment. Grant it mine is more personal and spiritual, but it is nice to see that someone has taken the time to read what you have thought long and hard to write that comes from your heart.

On that note, we are in the deep in commitment right now. After four years of "thinking" what would be best for our family my husband has decided to take action. We are at the tail end of being transferred to active duty Navy. A new adventure in life is beginning.

Not everyone is excited for us particularly our families. They are wanting us to stay the same, not move forward in life. I understand where they are coming from, but at the same time to try and force us to stay the same is not fair. We all need to find our niche in life. If that means to move across the United States, going back to school, or starting and keeping a blog then go for it.

Lisa said...

Family is both our anchor and our parachute. They fear for our safety & believe keeping the status quo is safe, yet, w/out consideration of the trade off, of losing our sanity.
It is all in our own innate belief system, our faith, to see the adventure a midst the distress of the decision. It is my evolution, to view all of our days as adventures, all positive, no matter what it is, just b/c of what we get to learn & experience. Congratulations on your choice, it will be an experience that will allow a growth w/in you that you will be amazed at. Go fourth & enjoy.