Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guardian of the Future

There was one point in time when I was sitting on a chair in my front room thinking, "It would be nice to have a little one running around here." That was the summer of 2006. Lo and behold, the summer of 2007 we had a wee one in our family. I know how powerful thought can be. I have experienced it over and over again.

But every once in a while it is nice to be reminded of how special the days are. There is nothing like having a routine in the day that you can look forward to. For me it is going to pick up the 'kid' after school and hanging out with him. I miss him being a baby, but I enjoy him being the conversationalist he has become. The days go by quick and when I don't have to pick him up, it can be a nice break, but when it is several days in a row, it is like I am missing something vital in my day. I get bummed.

That got me to thinking, what would life be like without 'you'? Would one really know how empty life would be, what would it be filled with? I cannot imagine. I have been in the wilderness of New Mexico for an period of time, alone and fasting, with nothing but a tarp, sleeping bag and 4 gallons of water and knowing that when I returned, we would be hanging out doing stuff. The older you get the more stuff we get to do. I am looking forward to teaching and sharing... my responsibility to you is to teach you about life, prepare you for the future and keep you centered, grounded and hungry for knowledge. Along with all this, I must prepare you to face the challenges you will have, and all this through all the distractions that you are bombarded with. Especially when it seems that my concepts are not supported by the others that love you so much they cannot say 'No'.

Our responsibility as the adult is to prepare our youngster to become responsible adults.

Speak to them as if they were intelligent, expecting them to be accountable and holding them to the basic principles of 'be kind and respectful' 'work hard' 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all' and limit television, or at least monitor what is being watched. Why would you want their minds filled with the garbage they see on TV. Also, if they have a cell phone it should be in your possession from 9pm until they leave for school. Sleep is vital for future adults' healthy growth.

This is just my opinion based on my observations. I know this would help our society in the long run. But I know it is an inconvenience to some parents to be so pro-active in their kid's social human development.

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