Monday, February 21, 2011

Wisdom of Knowledge-Quest

There came a time when it was realized that in order to get beyond, a stand had to be taken. Then a source had to be discovered, and now another level in the process of development.

In the pursuit of knowledge, I believe wisdom plays a brilliant role in the realization that it is time for 'next'. This weekend I had the opportunity to find that 'next'. Sometimes it is kind of scary for me to think about where I have come from and what I have done. It's like taking Morphius' red pill and experiencing disbelief of the world around the way Neo did.

The trick to learn the 'next' is to find an authentic instructor. For me that is one of those unbelievables. When I was ready to pursue specializing in self defense, my path crossed Phil Messina. From him I not only got to learn how to teach self defense effectively, but I finally learned what vital elements I needed to make it whole.

Now I find myself at the next crossroad. The necessity to gain a deeper understanding of violence. For some reason there is an overwhelming desire to understand it at a deeper level. Why?

Why does one learn self defense? What are the reasons? If I ask a group this, the answer would be to be better prepared to protect ourselves.

OK. From what?

There are many bogus programs out there, and because violence is more rare than media has us believe, a person may never have to apply their self defense skill. So since it may never happen, all that bogus-ness isn't put to the test.

Now the next phase of my knowledge-quest has developed, and lo & behold... I have found an authentic teacher. You cant 'unlearn' something, so now that I have begun, I cant go back. I have opened a new perspective for myself, and it is fascinating.

Time to take in that red pill.

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