Thursday, August 04, 2011

Here I 'Go' Again

I was in San Francisco when he said, "You seem to be the "go-to" person.
A 'go-to guy' is the guy that gets stuff done or figures out how. I had to think about that... the stuff I do, the stuff I know I can do, the stuff they have approached me to do or handle..... um, yeah, I guess I am a 'go-to' kinda person.

My opinion would be, that a person who fits this category, would be someone who is obviously reliable, otherwise 'they' wouldn't keep 'going to' them, right?

A 'go-to' person would also be someone who is consistent in accomplishing the goal. If not, it defeats the purpose of going to them.

The person would be someone who is competent. Having enough knowledge base, experience or resources to figure out how to do what needs to be done. 

Someone who is confident enough to implement a plan, follow it thru, re-evaluate or redirect when necessary. 

Reliable. Consistant. Competent. Confident. 

So once again, this 'go-to' person will be taking on another call. The shift from one segment challenge and onto a whole new new sector of challenges. Handed over with complete confidence. 'Go forth' do what needs to be done to make this successful. 

OK. No problem. Life is good. 

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