Saturday, October 22, 2011

Debt to the Dead

The pace that life takes very often makes it challenging to be consistent at posting. The other challenge is to figure out what to write about. Often based on the training and martial arts I have experienced, the writings have been directly related upon that. 

Life is training. Everything I do has some relation directly to my passion of personal defense or martial arts. "Practice with the little things." as my teacher Phil says. It is a constant mantra. 

Today's blog is about life. I could pose a inspirational quote about life. There are many. 
Rather, this post will be a rambling of how precious life is. The responsibility of bringing life fourth onto this planet. Life, and the alternative, are all apart of that great circle. It could be over in the blink of an eye. Therefore, it needs to be lived to the fullest and not recklessly. 

The phase, "it's not fair" applied to a death doesn't make sense because life and death isn't about 'fair'. The question is just a reflex I think. Death isn't fair, life is fragile. 

There is not much one person can say to another who has lost a young loved one. Sorrow is heartfelt and prayers for the family is very much felt. 

The strengths that one needs to get through any tragedy and challenge is also a part of 'practicing with the (not-so) little things'. This the time that our faith is put to the greatest test. This is the time when one has to dig the deepest, accept grief as a part of their everyday life from that day forward. 

I lost a dear, close friend several years ago. There are still time when the grief surfaces as all out bawling. There are other days of simple melancholy. More often than not though, there is a consistent feeling of support. Even more so, more like a wanting to live a life of passion, enthusiasm, grabbing the bull by the horns, that she would want me to. "Don't waste it, don't waste your time in despair, anger, pity. Don't do that to me." She once came back to tell me. 

Every day of life I get to have, is entirely dedicated to being present in the moment and knowing I am living the best way I can, the best example I can be, the best attitude I can have. 

This one thing we owe to all those we have lost. 

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