Wednesday, November 02, 2011

At least there hasn't been any bagpipes.

There are times of the year that are more than challenging than others. So far on some years, albeit only being six total, this time of year has been fairly unscathing. But this year... this year is beyond emotional belief.
One of the traits that makes us human is emotion. Keeping emotion in check is challenging enough when one is grounded. In today's world of constant distractions, with media and electronics, and not taking the time to learn to truly learn how to calm the spirit & soul, emotional drama queens run amuck.
Young people from infancy are bombarded with noise, a cacophony of sound to uncontaminated ears, under the pretense of 'entertainment'. Parents forget that just because they have come to learn to block it out, doesn't mean that the frenzy of sounds doesn't have a negative affect to their young offspring.
The silence of no sounds, is something that our society is casting aside as if it were not important. Rather, it is more that people are afraid of the silence. If one learns to go to the silence, they would discover so much of themselves, they would become stronger.
I like the silence. I can go and have gone for days in complete silence and alone.
But during this time of year, the silence gets dark.
Society, and all its shortcomings, seriously become a large albatross with my silences. Ignorance and idiocy, lack of common sense, and irresponsibility of humankind looms heavily. I become a tyrant myself.
Life, death and that little dash between.
This week three funerals. This week six years since her end of life care for her last week with us. It is a dark time of year for many. For me it is not as tough as it is for others.
But so many services for those who have died this past couple of weeks is more than it seems possible to bare.
Its cold, its dark and I would very much like to just stay in bed for a very very long time. But responsibility calls. And I am still a is a part of maintaining this homeostasis called life. I go about the day. Low energy, dispirited, and literally an hour at a time.
And as it is well known, nothing stays the same, there will be an emergence from this black-hole status into an awakening once again. Soon. Eventually.

And the bagpipes... when they play, all emotional-maintanance is lost...
So, so far. So good.

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